freelance web developer

Who I am

I'm an avid programmer from France, passinate about code, design, startup and technology. I like science, travelling and music.

What I do

I craft websites since the age of 13, build mobile applications, manage servers, design innovative user interfaces / experiences, and will transform your ideas into a finished digital project.

Oh and I’m currently self-employed and available, so if you want to work with me or just say hello for no reason what so ever,

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Fullstack Web developer at Aptea

Making the next corportate website of the company

  • Development of the back-end architecture, integrated CRM & front-end.
  • Cutting edge design, using SASS, GULP, SVG

Tierce maintenance application for CampusFrance

  • Technical poject management (taking every operative decisions)
  • Ensurint customer relationship
  • Performance optimisations
  • Developpement front/back CodeIgniter php framework
2015 - present

Master in Digital Communication Manager

I am currently studying at the Internet and Multimedia Institute in Paris, La Defense.

  • E-marketing
  • E-merchandising
  • Viral marketing
  • Big data & traffic optimisation
  • Business development
  • Digital entrepreneurship

Web developer at Orangerine

Development & integration of the website dedicated to the Quebec Manufacturing Fund


Web developer at Hypractif

Development of a free-sharing art website (mostly backend w/ Laravel), web-design & integration of several showcase websites and prototyped a shopify e-commerce website

2013 - 2015

Bachelor in Digital Project Manager

After obtaining my high school degree I started studiying at the Internet and Multimedia Institute in Paris, La Defense

  • Web Development
  • UI & UX design
  • Mobile development
  • Digital project management
  • Team-leading

Web developer at B4BLUE

Upgrade of 2 intranet billing softwares (w/ Symfony2 & CodeIgniter) + collaborative development with a foreign team



Science and Technologies of Management

My works





Invoice maker



HR Management

In-built updater

Module based permission system

Global app configuration variables


Invoices, billing, purchases, sales, inventory, business operations and human resources management, all in one web app.

The website has been crafted from scratch using mostly the Laravel framework. I made everything from desiging the UI to the general backend structure, through most of the JS component required for the a best experience and user-friendliness.



Landing page


Honi is a free mobile application for couples allowing them to spice up their everyday's life by doing some missions and challenge with your other half.

I'm in charge of the server infrastructures, promotional website and I help in the development of the hybrid app that is presently available for iOS and Android.

As Honi is experiencing a real traffic increase over the past 6 months, we are now focused on the business development of the project and I recently started working on Honi Store, our shop made with Prestashop 1.7.

Player, visualizer and Web Audio API

Stripe Payment

Xavier William

Musician, singer et composer pop/variété française (french pop). A website showcasing 4 albums, including a player, audio visualiser, svg animations, and a one click album checkout using stripe.

Gooey Effect

A demonstration of the svg filters effect, through a pleasing drawing experiment only made with the help of vanilla JS (and a bit of jQuery because of the UI, settings etc).

Feel free to explore the different presets or play with the settings !


A corporate website made for the mushroom wholesaler Andesol. I worked on the visuals, then developed the website with wordpress.

Snorkeling Report


I lead 2 developers and 1 designer into the conception of a web app dedicated to co-ownership associations management.


A fun Socket.IO + HTML Canvas experiement I made based on the game Flappy Bird which consisted in playing the original game but this time going all multiplayer !

Contact me

I'm always interested in new projects, feel free to e-mail me at and i'll get back to your inquiry ASAP!